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One of my friends recently took a beginning yoga workshop. She has practiced a little yoga at home and decided she would try it with experienced instruction.

I know she has a physical history of childhood heart surgeries and had recently been spending quite a bit of her personal energy healing some emotional childhood hurts. So I encouraged her to go, but suggested she tell the teacher about her medical history.

Not long after the end of the workshop, I met her for tea. She looked happy and relaxed.

“How was it?” I asked. (more…)


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Historically, yoga has belonged in the domain of men. It was developed by and for male bodies, and often draws on the language of male experience.

Consider, for example, the Virabhadrasana, or Warrior, series of poses, which depict bodies in battle poses. (Click here to see Warrior I, II, and III.)

Yet in the United States yoga studios are overrun with female practitioners. As teachers we are taught to expect less than 20 percent of our students to be men in a general, public class. It would seem that part of the westernization of yoga has been the feminization of it, as well. (more…)

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After my last post about metta, or maitri, a friend posed this question to me:

“Many meditation exercises to develop metta forbid you to focus on someone with whom you’re romantically invoved or sexually interested. Why is this? And, how, then, does metta become extended into intimate relationships?”

I’m certainly no expert in Buddhist or yogic philosophy, but I thought I would share my interpretation, as I shared it with her. (more…)

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In a previous post, I’ve mentioned maitri – the yogic concept of lovingkindness that is known as metta in the Buddhist traditions – the practice of unconditional love.

Loving the whole world is a good idea, right?

But what about the guy who honked at me in traffic yesterday? Do I have to love him? (more…)

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